Solves even the toughest connection challenges.

Digitalisation is a global megatrend creating unprecedented opportunities for growth, for more efficient business activity, and for developing services.

Utilisation of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics and the industrial internet demands a lot from connections. Despite this, a large share of businesses and industry use the same connections as private individuals do. Accelerating use of mobile data overloads connections and weakens their dependability, as do external interference and dead zones.

Ukkoverkot is the only operator in Finland whose network is not used for public mobile traffic but is dedicated to our customers’ connections. Thanks to this, the network is stable and its availability, cover and speed are always what we promise. The network is also not prone to external disruption but is considerably more stable than mass solutions.

Ukkoworks solutions make use of this network and our solid expertise as an operator specialising in new-generation wireless solutions.

Ukkoworks offers businesses dependability, mobility and cost-effectiveness that other operators are unable to do. Ukkoworks operates wherever your company does.


How did you opt for an Ukkoverkot subscription?

In fact, one consultant suggested this to me and we asked them to give a presentation. That’s how we learned about it. Ukkoverkot seemed interesting as regards reliability and its good coverage and reception area.

How does this help your business activity? Have you noticed any concrete improvements afterwards?

We have been able to establish dependable connections to our field installations. With other operators, they have always been more or less choppy. Those field installations are our main uses and also our main requirement. Ukkoverkot has worked well in them.

Would you recommend Ukkoverkot to others and why?

I can definitely recommend it – and I have in fact recommended it to several firms, when they have asked about dependability. I would recommend Ukkoverkot specifically owing to the dependability of the connection. You no longer have to put up with intermittent choppiness. With most of the operators that we have tested, there has been some choppiness. If you require smooth connections, Ukkoverkot is a good option.

Atte Myllylä
Äänekosken Energia

How did you opt for an Ukkoverkot subscription?

We ended up testing Ukkoverkot as a consequence of their partner’s recommendation. After testing, the service has worked as advertised.

How does this help your business activity? Have you noticed any concrete improvements afterwards?

Ukkoverkot have met our requirements for the level of service.

Would you recommend Ukkoverkot to others and why?

Definitely, Ukkoverkot’s connection is an effective and good solution. Ukkoverkot provides a good service and they are a good partner.

Sebastian Storholm
IT Infrastructure Manager
Oy Herrfors Ab

For transportation

The on-board public passenger WiFi “Junaverkko” The cellular network is naturally the most visible feature for our clients, but ticket sales and many other functions also utilize the network. Our collaboration with Ukkoverkot enables us to provide a network for our passengers all over Finland—including the more remote railway sections.

Jukka-Pekka Suonikko
VR-Yhtymä Oy