Our strengths

A network dedicated exclusively to data transfer.

Ukkoverkot is the only operator in Finland whose network is not used for public mobile communications but is reserved for dedicated connections.

Customer-oriented solutions create dependability.

All Ukkonet and Ukkoworks solutions are tailored to our customers’ needs. This approach sets us apart from mass operators and ensures that connections work where you are, and their speed is always what we promise.

4G LTE using the latest mobile technology.

Our own national network and our selected partners keep us at the cutting edge of development, making digitalisation a reality.

Ukkoverkot is the choice of critical operators.

The Finnish Defence Forces, Finnish Border Guard as well as Finnish State Railways and FinnHEMS all place their trust in Ukkoworks’ solutions.

Industry and business

Ukkoverkot is the only operator in Finland whose network is not used for public mobile communications but is dedicated to our customers’ connections. Thanks to this, the network is stable and its availability, cover and speed is always what we promise.

The network is also not prone to external disruption but is far more stable than mass solutions.

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If you require smooth connections, Ukkoverkot is a good option.

Atte Myllylä

Äänekosken Energia


Ukkoverkot is a Finnish data operator whose low-frequency network is an unbeatable platform for implementing critical, dependable and uncongested connections.

Our selected network of partners enables total solutions to be planned and delivered surely, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Realtime data connections are critical-also when airborne. FinnHEMS has tested the Ukkoverkot Ukkomobile 4G LTE mobile broadband service and decided to use it in all our new Eurocopter EC 145 rescue helicopters.

Jyri Örri, CEO



Ukkonet is a unique service model that solves the challenges of digitalisation faced by municipalities.

In the solution, the investments in the fixed wireless network planned and tailored for municipalities and urban areas are shared between the municipality and Ukkoverkot. The network serving all residents is up and running within three months of a decision. Ukkoverkot is responsible for sales and installation of subscriptions and for administration of the network.

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For fixed optical fibre broadband, this is an excellent and good-value option.

Kari Kuuramaa, Municipal manager


#Ukkoverkot toimivat Ari Huuselan teknologiakumppanina matkalla kohti #VG2020 #RDR2018
Käykää tutustumassa projektiin #UivaFlytande -venenäyttelyssä ensi viikolla.

Kauppalehdessä Ukkoverkkojen strategiauudistuksesta.
#Ukkoverkot #mikroverkot

#Ukkoverkot tähtää kasvuun uudistetun strategian voimin.

Johtava #mikroverkkojen toimittaja Ukkoverkot on toteuttanut 13,5 miljoonan euron rahoitusjärjestelyn useiden rahoittajien kanssa, mikä mahdollistaa yhtiön voimakkaan kasvun Suomessa.

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