Digitalisation is a global megatrend creating unprecedented opportunities for implementing more agile, dependable and versatile systems, for critical use, too.

Because existing analogue systems and solutions are nearing the end of their lives, digitalisation is also fast transforming the work of the authorities.

A Finnish data operator

Ukkoverkot is a Finnish data operator whose low-frequency network is an unbeatable platform for implementing critical, dependable and smooth connections. The selected network of partners enables total solutions to be planned and delivered surely, quickly and cost-effectively.

Finland’s leading operators put their trust in Ukkoworks solutions


How did you opt for an Ukkoverkot subscription?

Actually we were users already before Ukkoverkot. At that time, we had a frequency rate of 40-50 megahertz. When the previous operator ceased operating, it was natural for us to switch to Ukkoverkot.

How does this help your business? Have you seen any concrete improvements afterwards?

The technology used by Ukkoverkot has been very effective and high-quality. In a sense, the greatest benefit to us is that we are able to trip the risks associated with data communications through different operators. Ukkoverkot’s reception area is clearly better compared to others in at least part of the country. As far as our operation is concerned, one key advantage has been the fact that we are able to use this connection in helicopters. With other telecoms operators there have been technical and even administrative difficulties. Ukkoverkot has been perfect for us.

Would you recommend Ukkoverkot to others and why?

I definitely would in a situation where there you need data communications that do not have to struggle for bandwidth with call communications. In special cases of this kind, Ukkoverkot works superbly.

Jukka Pappinen
FinnHEMS helicopter rescue