Ukkoverkot is a digital connectivity solution provider, delivering tailored private local networks for accelerated digitalization

Digitalization is transforming all industries, as organizations aspire to achieve heightened levels of efficiency, safety and competitiveness.

Our ability to design, build and operate Private LTE networks based on Nokia Digital Automation Cloud creates unique competitive advantage on every part along the road to digitalization

Benefits of Digital Automation CloudPrivate LTE Networks

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Create value from 
islands of data Scale up locally & globally,
 pay as you grow Infuse intelligence 
into everything
Maintenance productivity & preventive maintenance Flexible and fast changes 
in production configuration Automatic handling 
of materials and goods
Reliable, secure access 
to IT everywhere on site Improve safety & yield, 
reduce risks AI based pattern recognition to risks


We serve industrial verticals. Each one benefits from tailored,high performance private network assets and cloud solutions

Key Personnel

Ukkoverkot Oy

Itämerentori 2
00180 Helsinki
030 514210

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and switch to the forefront of digitalisation.