Digitalization is transforming all industries, as organizations aspire to achieve heightened levels of efficiency, safety and competitiveness.

Our ability to design, build and operate high-performance and secure industrial private LTE networks provides unique competitive advantage for enterprises and authorities.

In the global market, digitalization is crucial for competitiveness. Automation, robotics, machine learning and real-time remote monitoring boost cost efficiency and increase customer value. Tomorrow’s connectivity will be built on private local LTE networks that function on their own radio frequency. These dedicated networks remove the bottlenecks standing in the way of industrial digitalization that are being caused by today’s wireless connectivity solutions. A private LTE network is not only reliable, fast, and secure. It’s also a cost-effective way to immediately leverage the opportunities provided by the 5G era. Ukkoverkot is a forerunner in network technology that offers these solutions as a service for local and global pioneers. We provide customers with the level of connectivity required by modern digitalization – starting from the network infrastructure all the way to ever-evolving platform solutions. When connections mean the world.


We serve industrial verticals. Each one benefits from tailored,high performance private network assets and cloud solutions

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